New TMD in place at Innhavet, Norway

As our customer Fjell TG are experiencing the TMD to be the safe choice for drying of fish-sludge, two new TMDs were manufactured for this pupose in Q3, 2023. 

The first is now ready for start-up and processing will begin during January 2024.


New TMD-project sold to Land-based fish farming.

After delivering three TMDs to the Land-based fish farming industry in 2020, the start of 2021 also looks like it will be a promising year for this industry. Thermtech entered this marked in 2018 and the annual number of projects seems to be increasing. From experience the customer, Fjell Technology Group, describes the TMD as the safe choice for drying of fish-sludge, and states that the TMD has great ability to treat the thick and glue-like sludge and that it is adaptable to variations in both sludge quality and sludge composition.

The end-product of this treatment is an additive for producing fertilizer, or other agricultural products that rely on nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus.

This TMD project will be manufactured and assembled in Thermtech’s workshop at Mongstad in Norway.

Delivery is planned for Q2, 2021.


Thermtech is using the TMD for new materials.

Thermtech is running internal testing on different new materials. One of the latest successful applications for the TMD is seaweed. Both powder and condensate are looking quite good after a run in the TMD test-facility at Mongstad.


Two technology companies from Bergen win contract with European biotechnology company.

Thermtech AS (TT) and  Fjell Technology Group AS (FTG), two technology companies from Bergen, Norway, have won an important contract with a European biotechnology company. The size of the contract exceeds 4 million Euro and does make an important contribution to both companies’ turnover and financial predictability this year. FTG and TT shall supply an advanced drying system that will handle a demanding raw material stream. The stream will be processed into valuable products in a complicated but environmentally friendly process developed by the European company.

Effluents that before were considered hazardous waste are now turned into profitable ingredients. It has been a very demanding R&D process, involving several test campaigns both in Norway and at the client premises, says COO in FTG Halvard Madsen. We are both proud and glad that FTG & TT have the best technologists, able to develop processes that meet the high standards and demanding criteria of the customer.

The customer has invested large funds and many years in developing the new revolutionary industrial process. The process converts effluents that have no other commercial use into bio-chemicals that can be used as ingredients in various applications. Also, the bi/product of the process can be re-used, and makes an excellent example of circular economy, making the world a little greener.

CTO in FTG, Dr Asbjørn Strand and Thermtech’s Engineering manager Erik Michelsen are very pleased with the order. This order shows that Thermtech and Fjell Technology Group have a world class and unique set of competences and technologies. Both companies are already collaborating in other applications such as drying of fish waste, and this new order which builds upon the shared knowledge is demonstrating that collaboration can be very effective in achieving innovative solutions.

Do you want to know more about how advanced technologies can contribute to your ambition to establish a circular economy by upcycling your waste and by-products, please contact Erik Michelsen, Technical director Thermtech AS.


New TMD-project for nutritional Calcium up and running.

Thermtech starts first TMD unit for production of Calcium powder together with Greenitives Norway in Bømlo, Norway. After two months in production we can proudly present the new application area for the TMD as a success. Cooperation with the customer through this innovation-project has worked competently and well. We welcome the new application area to our TMD- portfolio.


R&D department works on new application areas.

Thermtech is currently working on several new application areas  - All with an environmental friendly and sustainable focus.



To make oil from plastic and rubber Thermtech has developed a pyrolysis unit.


Manure from farm animals

Making fertilizer from animal manure reduces outlets of nitrogen to rivers and contribute to a circular economy.

Fish meal

By using TMD dryer under vacuum the fish offal can gently be dried in order to produce high quality fish meal.

Combined crushing and drying unit

On request from a customer, we test out a process for crushing and drying raw material for medical and health products.


Don’t be stopped from doing business due to the corona restrictions,  please contact us anytime and we will make it work together.